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C-Hill flag won’t show on Nevada Day

Robyn Moormeister

A volunteer effort to build a permanent, wind-proof version of the 7,800-square-foot American flag formerly posted above Carson City’s white trademark “C” has missed its Nevada Day deadline.

C Hill project organizer Mike Roach said winter weather and shortage of public help has prevented volunteers from completing the massive task, so work on the flag will continue throughout the winter. The new deadline, he said, is Memorial Day.

“It’s just not going to make it,” Roach said. “We’d rather take our time and do it right than rush to get it done by the due date.”

Over the past few months, prison workers, pack mules, iron workers, Marines and a handful of Carson City residents have moved 3,000 40-pound bags of cement from the Carson High School recreation field to the project site on C Hill.

Volunteers mixed the cement on site and filled 50 huge foundation holes, but the work isn’t close to completion.

Now 11 sections of steel drill casing, each 70 feet long, need to be secured to the concrete foundation for a base.

The final 65-by-120-foot flag will be made of 390 red, white and blue Alumalite panels.

Recruiting volunteers for the grueling work has been more challenging than organizers anticipated.

Requests for weekend help have not generated many responses – about eight to 10 people per weekend.

The project has seen its share of setbacks and glitches over the past two years, after a December 2002 windstorm tore the original flag to pieces and bent its metal frame.

In an attempt to airlift the cement bags to C Hill in June with a National Guard helicopter, a metal platform holding a 9,000-pound load snapped after takeoff, igniting worry among residents living under the helicopter’s flight path.

National Guard representatives said July’s Waterfall fire ruined any chances of helicopter help. The fire burned away all vegetation on the hill, creating potential for a blinding dust storm created by rotating helicopter blades.

Now that the cement is hauled and poured, Roach said, the work may speed up a bit.

“There’s no more Egyptian-style hauling that has to be done,” Roach said.

He said anyone and everyone is welcome to bring their tools and participate in construction. He anticipates patriotism will kick in as soon as residents spot America’s colors.

“I think as soon as we start putting on the red, white and blue, people will be up there like ants on a candy bar,” Roach said.

For more information or to volunteer for the C-Hill flag construction, call Roach at 720-3598.

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