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C Hill volunteers needed

More volunteers are needed to reinstate a permanent, wind-proof version of the 8,000- square-foot American flag formerly posted above Carson City’s white trademark “C.”

Project organizers are heading up C Hill again Saturday to haul concrete to mix and pour into foundation holes, and they need as many workers as they can get to help.

C Hill organizer and city Supervisor Robin Williamson said 43 percent of the flag’s 55 foundation holes have been filled with concrete, but 1,000 pounds of concrete still need to be carried 400 yards to the job site.

Every weekend since the concrete was moved from Carson Middle School, volunteers have been carrying the bags from the stockpile to the job site, one bag at a time.

After the foundation holes are filled, a metal frame and panels will be attached, and organizers hope to complete the project by Nevada Day.

Anyone willing to help carry 40-pound cement bags 400 yards this weekend can call Mike Roach at 720-3598, or report to the lot behind the Greenhouse Garden Center at the intersection of Rhodes and Curry Streets by 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Food and drink will be provided to volunteers.