Cable provider closes |

Cable provider closes

Becky Bosshart

Quadravision Wireless Cable will cease broadcasting in late November because of rising operations costs, the company’s general manager said Thursday.

“We’re going out of business,” General Manager Mike Evans said. He’s worked with the company for four years. “We’re sending notices out in the mail tomorrow to all customers.”

He said 2,900 subscribers in Reno, Carson City, Gardnerville, Minden and surrounding areas will be without a provider. Evans said they are trying to give customers enough time to switch to another company.

“What we’re trying to do is shut down before we go into bankruptcy.”

The Reno-based company is owned by Jonsson Communications Inc. It has been providing television service to the region for about 15 years. The company had 16 employees. So far they’ve placed eight in other jobs. Evans said he’s still trying to place the remaining eight.

Quadravision is providing insurance carryover to its employees. He said the employees are not happy, but they understand.

“We’re operating at a loss, and with rising costs we just can’t keep it going.”

Evans hopes to end with a small profit for the corporation after all the equipment is sold. He chalks the closure up to rising utility rates. Evans said Quadravision also had higher starting costs compared with Charter Communications and direct-from-dish systems.

“I just can’t compete with them anymore,” he said. “We appreciate the customers and those that have struck with us over the years.”

Quadravision’s Carson City office at 2323 N. Carson St. closed Monday, according to signs taped inside the front window. The office was empty except for a fire extinguisher, a plywood desk and a 25-cent candy dispenser. Written on one sign with a red marker:

“Hello. Carson office is closed down! All disconnects will be handled through Reno, 686-5580. Have a nice day. Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s been nice doing business with you. Misti.”