California surgeon sentenced for groping patients |

California surgeon sentenced for groping patients

The Associated Press

SACRAMENTO – A former California plastic surgeon was sentenced Monday to three years and eight months in state prison for groping female patients.

Dr. Scott Takasugi was convicted of sexually exploiting two of his patients by touching their genitals before he operated on them.

His sentencing had been delayed twice, the first time because of the Nov. 19 death of his father, former state Assemblyman Nao Takasugi. Sentencing was delayed again while the 56-year-old former Kaiser surgeon underwent a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation in Ventura.

Takasugi’s attorney urged Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Steve White to put his client on probation.

White said a prison sentence was needed because of Takasugi’s repeated offenses and because he violated his patients’ trust.

Prosecutors initially brought a 21-count felony indictment against Takasugi after 15 women came forward with allegations in 2006.

They claimed the surgeon touched their vaginal areas, mostly during consultations for breast surgery.