Campaign finance reports due today |

Campaign finance reports due today

The second of three campaign contribution and expense reports required by state law are due to the Secretary of State and county election officials today.

With four days left of early voting and the general election set Nov. 7, that gives undecided voters time to check out who is contributing to which candidates before they cast their ballot.

The fund raising and spending reports are required for all candidates seeking offices from the smallest General Improvement District board to governor. And officials caution candidates when they file that, even if they pull out of a race or are defeated in the primary or general election, all three reports must be filed.

Failure to file can result in fines of up to $5,000 for each missing report – a total of $15,000 for those who fail to file anything.

The only candidates who don’t have to file with the state or counties are those seeking federal offices. They file with the Federal Elections Commission.

Candidates for statewide and multi-county offices such as regent and many of the legislative districts must file those reports with the secretary of state’s office.

Those running in a race or district confined to just one county – including most Clark and Washoe County legislative races – can file with their county election officials.

For those who file with the secretary of state, Kim Huys, chief deputy to Secretary of State Dean Heller, said that office will do its best to get the reports online at the elections division Web site as soon as possible.

Under the law, the reports are supposed to be filed by Oct. 31. Candidates can also send them by certified or registered mail as long as the reports are postmarked before 5 p.m. on deadline day.

That means many of the reports won’t actually arrive and be available for public inspection for several days after today’s deadline.

Candidates can also fax their report to Heller’s office but are advised to call and make sure the report was received.

And candidates can file instantly using the Internet.

The second report is expected to detail the bulk of candidate financing for their individual race.

The name and address of each individual, business or activist group providing $100 or more must be listed along with in-kind contributions of equipment, supplies or services.

The reports provide similar information about all expenses in each campaign, including contributions to other politicians and campaigns.

In addition to candidates, Political Action Committees, parties and Ballot Advocacy Groups must file the reports listing contributions and expenses.

This is the last report of contributions and expenses available before the election.

The first reports were filed Aug. 8 and are on the Web site for public inspection. Voters will receive a final report, due Jan. 15, for this election season.

Getting the numbers

To look up a candidate or group Contribution and Expense Report:

• Go to the secretary of state’s Web site at

• The third category down on the left side is Elections, which brings up a list of options.

• Click on the second option from the top, C&E/Financial Disclosure Search.

• You can enter the candidate name or group name or, beneath the search button, click on browse to go through the reports by year and category.

• Contact reporter Geoff Dornan at or 687-8750.