Cancer diagnosis follows brain surgery for Blomquist |

Cancer diagnosis follows brain surgery for Blomquist

by F.T. Norton
Appeal Staff Writer

A Lyon County activist learned Friday that a tumor surgeons removed from his brain is cancerous.

“In a few weeks I start aggressive radiation,” Tom Blomquist said from his bed in the intensive care unit of Renown Regional Medical Center. “It’s gone and it’s going to stay away, one way or another.”

The indomitable Blomquist, formerly with the Silver Springs Spay and Neuter Project, was diagnosed with the tumor two weeks ago after repeated car accidents and friends saying he was acting funny.

Surgery to remove the invader on Wednesday was postponed until Thursday when things went off without a hitch.

He said the cancer news wasn’t a shock and the diagnosis was actually a relief.

“I can’t reiterate how much I’m blessed by circumstances. I could be a homeless guy with these same symptoms and never had it diagnosed,” he said.

An animal rights activist for years in Silver Springs, Blomquist, 57, has turned over the reins of the Spay and Neuter Project to ex-wife Lee.

He said he isn’t sure what he’ll do once his medical condition is stabilized, but he’s feeling pretty good. On Friday, despite his nurse’s displeasure, Blomquist slipped into a pair of Levi’s, tossing aside the tiny hospital gown that barely covered his 6-foot 3-inch frame.

He said with the tumor gone, small things aren’t confusing him and the patch of hair he’s missing will grow back.

“This is exciting. This is an adventure. They’ve got me up against the wall which is the best place for a personality type like mine. I have to fight it and I will,” he said.

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