Candidate positions on new site |

Candidate positions on new site

(AP) – A nonpartisan group tired by being snubbed by political incumbents and major party candidates who don’t respond to its pre-election survey is taking a new tact to educate voters on their positions.

Project Vote Smart, a Montana-based organization, is launching “VoteEasy,” a website that analyzes voting records and public statements to infer where an incumbent or candidate stands on a wide range of policy issues.

Politicians who disagree with the group’s assessment of their policy positions are invited to correct the information, Griffin said.

On the website,, a voter types in their ZIP code to bring up U.S. House and Senate candidates who will appear on their ballot. On the screen, candidate pictures appear on campaign yard signs.

From there, voters click on 12 issue tabs. Depending on the voter’s own view, the yard signs recede to the background or advance to the front of the screen, depending on how well a candidate’s position matches their own.