Car crashes into store; minor injuries reported |

Car crashes into store; minor injuries reported

Shannon Litz / Nevada AppealA white Nissan Pathfinder drove through the front window of the store Tuesday Morning, on Friday leaving three people injured.

A Black Friday shopper drove into the retailer Tuesday Morning on Friday morning, scaring shoppers and shutting down the shop for the day. A white Nissan Pathfinder plowed through the wall of windows around 11:30 a.m. Two were sent to the hospital for observation, according to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and a third person was treated for injuries.“It’s so amazing no one was standing right in front of the window,” said witness Jody Boles.The store, located across the parking lot from JCPenney, is at 3921 South Carson St.“I heard a crash and the shelves just fell down upon each other,” said Boles, who was in the back of the store at the time of the crash.Jodi Lind added, “(the shelves) were like dominoes.”They said the store was thrown into a level of chaos.“People starting calling each other’s names, to see if they were OK,” Boles said.Lind thought it was an earthquake at first.“All the shelves and walls were shaking,” she said. “I didn’t know it wasn’t an earthquake until I saw the car in the building. I saw the back end of the car coming through (the store.)”Lind and Boles were doing some Black Friday shopping when they were in the store.“It puts a little bit of a kibosh on (shopping,)” Boles said.Of the three injuries, one was a customer, one was an employee and one was the driver.Neither alcohol nor drugs are believed to be involved, according to the sheriff’s office.The accident is still under investigation.