Caregiver support group at local church provides help |

Caregiver support group at local church provides help

Dr. Deb Cash
For the Nevada Appeal

There are more than a million Americans living the role of “caregiver” who’s lives suddenly and permanently changed forever when someone they cared about became seriously ill or disabled.

Most people are more than happy to help a friend or loved one when that person becomes ill. It is perfectly natural to make a family member or neighbor a pot of soup or go to the grocery store for them when they need something. Certainly. we hope others would do the same for us if we were sick.

But, what if that family member or friend never gets better? What if others around them decide they are “too busy” to help that disabled friend or family member? That becomes the critical moment when a caregivers accepts the sole responsibility for another. About 99 percent of caregivers hear themselves say, “I never thought this is how my life was going to turn out.”

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church of Carson City hosts a small caring support group for caregivers of all walks of life who have faced that dramatic change in their lives. The group meets the third Thursday of every month.

This month’s meeting on 5:30 p.m. Thursday in the Church Rectory on Division and Proctor streets.

The topic of discussion is: How do we respond when life takes us in such a drastically different direction? Are we to grin and bare it or do we become resentful and unhappy? Or can we somehow make adjustments and still live the life we want and love?

All are welcome, bring a picture of your loved one or friend who so closely relies on you and share questions, ideas and insight. This small group works to re-claim a life of joy for themselves and their seriously ill family member or friend.

For more details about this meeting or caregiving, please call me at 887-8846.