Carson affordable-housing subdivision approved |

Carson affordable-housing subdivision approved

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A vacant lot with a troubled past will soon get a face lift after the Carson City Planning Commission approved preliminary plans for a 15-unit subdivision on Carmine Street and Mercury Way.

The 6,000-square-foot subdivision at 2751 Carmine Street will consist of refurbished mobile homes and sell for an estimated $128,000 to $150,000.

Neighbors have written to the city complaining that the empty lot the development will occupy attracts nothing but trouble, and they welcome the housing development.

“We will no longer have to see an empty field used as a dump site for criminals and slobs that care nothing about respect of another’s property,” wrote Elaine Shields, who lives next door to the site. “As it stands now, it’s used quite frequently as a dump site for vandalized vehicles and more.”

Steve Pascal, who owns the lot, said several other neighbors welcome the idea. He also said the subdivision provides much-needed affordable housing.

“People are having to move to Lyon County to find affordable housing,” Pascal said. “You can’t find any in Carson City.”

The plans were approved during Wednesday’s meeting of the planning commission.

Pascal, who operates the developments through his company, ABC Investments, has also owned Trans-Western Investments, a mortgage company, since 1980. He provides financing for homes with mortgages of about $830 a month at the current interest rate.

Starting out as a bill collector in Los Angeles making little more than $500 a month, Pascal said he feels fortunate to provide places for families to own. The program also allows him to help the city by adding to the tax base, he said.

Pascal gives 10 percent of his profits to charity every year and helps those who sell their homes to him if they can’t immediately find another place to live.