Carson City 6th graders discuss Antarctica with researcher |

Carson City 6th graders discuss Antarctica with researcher

Carson City School District
Carson Middle School sixth graders had a chance to chat with a Antarctica scientist.

Sixth graders in Laurel Dority’s science class at Carson Middle School had the opportunity to chat via video conference with Dr. T.J. Fudge, who’s preparing to leave for another six-week expedition where he’ll continue his efforts to study climate change using ice core samples.

The CMS students, whom are currently studying geology and the composition of Earth, were able to ask questions about work and life in Antarctica. They also learned Fudge’s team drills approximately 10,000 feet into the ice, and because of the depth of the drill, the scientists must make frequent trips to drill and acquire samples.

The students were interested in life in Antarctica and asked questions about eating and keeping warm. They were surprised he lives in a tent on the Antarctic ice while conducting his work.

“It is very hard on the body to live in the extreme cold,” Fudge said. “You keep warm by eating a lot and wearing a lot of clothing.”

When asked about the video visit with Fudge, sixth grader Kayden Popham stated, “It’s better than reading in a book. You actually see him on a webcam and it feels like we’ve met him.”

Fudge can be followed on his blog at