Carson City Airport Authority approves tentative budget for fiscal year 2019 |

Carson City Airport Authority approves tentative budget for fiscal year 2019

The Carson City Airport Authority approved a new gate card policy.

Little changed from the current policy, but a $10 annual fee for the cards was dropped. Instead, card holders, which include the airport’s fixed based operators and hangar owners, are now required to update contact information annually by June 1 or pay a $25 fee to reactivate the card if they miss the deadline.

It also gives the airport manager the authority to issue additional cards at his discretion.

At its monthly meeting on Wednesday the authority also approved the airport’s tentative budget for fiscal year 2019.

The airport is expected to bring in $467,690 in total revenue, primarily from airport leases, and incur $412,490 in expenses, for net ordinary income of $55,470.

The airport also will have $413,634 in other income, including $361,134 in Federal Aviation Administration grants, and total other expenses of $397,084, for a total net income of $72,020.

The authority passed a resolution for Assemblyman Al Kramer to submit a bill draft request to make the term limit on the authority from one four-year term to two four-year terms.

Vice Chair Brian Vowell suggested the authority first form a committee to look at the law creating the authority to see if additional changes should be made, but Chair Linda Law said it was important to pass the resolution and get the request in now, and then form a committee to possibly request additional changes at a later date.

The meeting was the first for Carson City’s new airport manager, Ken Moen, who was hired in March after the airport received 21 applications for the position.

Moen replaced Dirk Zahtilla, the interim airport manager who was brought on in August after Tim Rowe resigned the position in July.