Carson City Airport Authority selects Kenneth Moen to be new airport manager |

Carson City Airport Authority selects Kenneth Moen to be new airport manager

The Carson City Airport Authority on Tuesday selected a new manager to run the city’s airport.

Kenneth Moen, general aviation property program manager, Reno-Tahoe International Airport, was chosen after 21 applicants were narrowed down to two top candidates.

The authority directed staff to enter into contract negotiations with Moen and if unsuccessful to offer the job to the other candidate, Greg Owen.

Both Moen and Owen were at the special meeting held to determine the airport’s next manager.

“I feel very privileged to have this opportunity… I look forward to going through this process.”Kenneth Moen

“I feel very privileged to have this opportunity,” said Moen. “I’ve been very familiar with the Carson City Airport. I’ve watched all the changes here from realignment of the runway to reconstruction. I look forward to going through this process.”

The authority assembled a three-member human resources subcommittee to conduct the search.

“I was surprised at the volume of candidates we got, and surprised at quality of top two candidates,” said Brian Vowell, vice chair of the authority and a member of the subcommittee. “It is not the talent pool I thought we could get in Carson City.”

Airport authority members sung the praises of both candidates, but said Moen brought some strengths, such as economic development skills, the airport needs.

“The work he did on homework assignment in preparation for the second interview was very good work. That gives us a head start,” said Bradley Harris, who served on the subcommittee. “His contacts locally are going to bring us business faster than if we bring Greg on.”

As part of the interview process, the candidates submitted a 365-day action plan for the airport.

Prior to his current position, Moen was a project manager for vice president of airport operations and public safety, and a communications specialist at the Reno airport. Before that, he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration as an air traffic control specialist.

Moen, if hired, will replace Dirk Zahtilla, the interim airport manager who was brought on in August after Tim Rowe resigned the position in July.