Carson City Battle of the Badge fights for blood |

Carson City Battle of the Badge fights for blood

A nurse keeps the peace as Fire Chief Bob Schreihans and Sheriff Ken Furlong "battle" to donate blood for the United Blood Services in Carson City. Both the Sheriff's Office and the Fire Department will be participating in the Battle of the Badge blood drive on June 30.
Taylor Pettaway |

The age old rivalry between the fire department and the sheriff’s office continues as the two try to out-donate each other.

The Carson City United Blood Services is hosting its annual Battle of the Badge blood drive Tuesday, June 30. The event is going to be held at the Carson City Nugget from noon-6:30 p.m.

The blood drive is a friendly competition between the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and Carson City Fire Department to see who can give the most blood. Non-public safety officials can choose which side they want their donation to be counted toward.

The winning department will receive a trophy and bragging rights, but Erin Goff, donor recruitment supervisor for United Blood Services, said the real winners will be the patients in the hospital who will receive the blood donations.

“It is the fire department versus the sheriff’s office, but it isn’t a competition, it is a cooper-tition,” Goff said. “It is a good way for all of Northern Nevada to support local law enforcement or fire department by donating on their side. We are also ensuring that the community gets this blood drive before the summer.”

The goal of the event is to stock the blood bank before the Fourth of July weekend, when the bank is going to need it the most.

“We are trying to promote the blood drive for the citizens of Carson City because it is important,” Fire Chief Robert Schreihans said.

Every person who makes a donation during the competition receives a free T-shirt and gets entered into a contest to win a 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Anyone who wishes to sign up needs to make an appointment at and enter code N1GVH or call 1-800-696-4484.