Carson City Board of Supervisors to take up storm water increase |

Carson City Board of Supervisors to take up storm water increase

The Carson City Board of Supervisors this week will take a look at a possible hike in storm water rates.

Last month, the Utility Finance Oversight Committee voted to recommend a three-year plan to raise rates by 25 percent in the first year and 35 percent in year two and three.

The increase was requested by Public Works staff to generate approximately $1.8 million annually to pay for capital improvement projects rather than bond for them.

Additionally, the bump in rates would enable the storm water fund to meet financial goals set by the supervisors.

Those goals were created for the water, sewer and storm water funds, but in 2013 the board raised water and sewer rates without a comparable increase in storm water rates.

The increase in rates, if implemented, would mean single-family homeowners would see their monthly charges go from $4.38 currently to $5.48 in the first year, $7.40 in the second year and $9.99 thereafter.

A commercial user’s rates would go from $31.51 today to $39.39, $53.18 and $71.79.

The board will first vote whether to accept the committee’s report on storm water rates and then whether to direct staff to complete a business impact statement and bring back changes to the municipal code.

The board will also hear on second reading a new encroachment ordinance that lays out requirements for businesses to obtain permits to use designated public rights of way.

The ordinance is primarily for downtown restaurants and retailers who want to take advantage of space on McFadden Plaza and on the wider sidewalks to serve food outside or put out merchandise displays.

The supervisors will get an update on the upcoming Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road 2017 mountain biking event on June 16-18.

Several changes are planned for the event’s second year, including reducing the footprint of the course used Friday and Sunday morning to lessen the impact on westside homes, churches and businesses.

In addition, this year traffic on Carson Street between Robinson and Telegraph streets will be allowed.

The board will vote to approve an amended contract with Charles Abbott Associates, the city’s building department contractor, that could save the city $60,000-80,000 per year.

The board will appoint one person to the Historic Resources Commission and another to the Cultural Commission, and authorize the appointment of Robb Fellows, senior project manager, stormwater, to the Carson Valley Conservation District.

The Board of Supervisors meets on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in the Sierra Room, Carson City Community Center, 851 William St.