Carson City businessman sorry, charges to be dismissed |

Carson City businessman sorry, charges to be dismissed

by F.T. Norton

Charges are expected to be dismissed against a well-known Carson City businessman after he apologized for running a sheriff’s barricade during the Waterfall fire.

“Dismissal is appropriate for the following reasons,” District Attorney Noel Waters wrote in a “motion to dismiss” filed with Justice Court on Tuesday. “Allen G. Fiegehen has no previous history for misconduct, and at age 68 is generally respected in the community. He has tendered a letter to the court expressing his regret for the episode.”

Fiegehen, part owner of the Ormsby House, Cubix Corp. and Glen Eagles Restaurant, was arrested July 16 when he ran a roadblock designed to keep residents out of the fire-ravaged neighborhoods of Timberline and Lakeview during the Waterfall fire.

Deputy Matt Putzer, who was manning the roadblock, gave chase, following Fiegehen to his Weise Road driveway in Lakeview.

Once there, the two got into a scuffle as Putzer attempted to arrest Fiegehen.

At some point, Fiegehen’s 12-year-old dog jumped from the car and bit Putzer on his leg.

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Fiegehen suffered a minor head injury during the scuffle. His home was unscathed.

“On July 16, 2004, I was arrested for obstructing a police officer. This incident occurred in the aftermath of the Waterfall fire and my property in Lakeview was threatened,” Fiegehen wrote his apology attached to the motion. “I did not intend to obstruct any police officer and I regret that the incident occurred.”

Water said in his motion it’s unlikely Fiegehen will be in trouble again.

“The defendant was acting in stressful circumstances at the time and, in light of his statement, the interests of justice would be best served by dismissal of this matter.”

Eighteen homes were lost in the Waterfall fire, which burned in the hills of West Carson City for six days in July.

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