Carson City celebrates Christmas |

Carson City celebrates Christmas

Teri Vance

Taking advantage of the unseasonably temperate December weather, friends Billy Goulardt, 16, and Alex Cardenas, 14, took to the skate park Saturday to try out their Christmas presents.

Both boys helped pay for the BMX bikes they asked Santa to bring.

“I used to skateboard and I wanted a break, so I started biking,” Goulardt explained. “I saw other people doing it and I wanted to try it.”

Although he just started about six months ago, he’s already doing jumps and turns on his Stolen Heist.

He’s even teaching his tricks to Cardenas, who got a Verde Cadet.

“He just taught me how to do my 180s,” Cardenas said.

He said he was pleased with his selection of bike.

“It’s smooth,” he said. “I like how it rides.”

Alyssa Wahlmeier, 11, was at the skate park as well. She said her Christmas was “awesome” because she got the scooter she had asked for. However, it wasn’t assembled yet so she and her stepsister Alexis Speer, 10, rolled on their skate shoes.

Speer said she got all the presents she wanted – mostly clothes and particularly skinny jeans – including a “Horse the band” T-shirt.

“I stole one from my sister and she noticed, so she bought me one,” she said.

Carson City residents also celebrated with the traditional Christmas meal. For those who didn’t have one at home or who wanted to join other diners, the Carson Nugget offered its annual free meal of turkey with all the trimmings.

General Manager Star Anderson said they served around 400 people. Volunteers help seat customers and bus tables to help people get served as quickly as possible.

Anderson said people often come in alone and are seated with strangers who soon become friends.

“Some people really need it, not just financially but emotionally,” she said. “They get a chance to come where they can socialize in a nice environment.”

Best friends Amber Lemaster, 16, and Morgan Foore, 15, brought their little sisters Seanna Lemaster, 9, and Haley Foore, 12, out ice skating then stopped by the Nugget for a meal together.

“It’s really just about bonding,” Amber said. “We hang out all the time, and we wanted our sisters to get to know each other. I’m a really big fan of getting people together.”