Carson City celebrates Women’s History Month |

Carson City celebrates Women’s History Month

Carson City Chamber of Commerce

March is Women’s History Month and the Carson City Chamber wishes to acknowledge women of all ages who are making history daily within our community. Some of these women are long-time residents and others have just settled here to begin to make their mark. There are so many more who should be pictured here, but space doesn’t permit every wonderful woman to be pictured.

Instead of doing your Sunday crossword puzzle, we invite you to match the photos with the names of the women pictured. Some of these women may have touched your lives in one way or another, and if they haven’t, they will.

Pictured: Sena Loyd – Stephanie Arrigotti – Kitty McKay – Terrie McNutt – Miya McKenzie – Katie Leao – Marilyn Foster – Elinor Bugli – Lindsay Chichester – Carol Swanson – Doreen Mack – Marena Works – Ellen Hopkins – Courtney Warner – Sherry Rupert – Karen Abowd – Ale Avila – Coral Lopez – Stephanie Spielmann – Susan Haas – Yette DeLuca – Connie Friend – Susan Dorr Pansky – Hellen Barclay – Susan Crowell – Cindy Brenneman – Lisa Lee – Lori Bagwell – Linda Ritter – Andi Wilson – Sue Jones – Lisa Schuette – Joyce Buckingham – Jean Perpich – Joyce Whitney-Silva – Shelly Aldean – Sandra Nagel – Kathy Bartosz – Lt. Leslie Cyr – Ronni Hannaman – Florence Phillips.

The Chamber apologizes in advance for those we may have missed. Your contributions are acknowledged and appreciated!