Carson City crowds celebrate Nevada Day |

Carson City crowds celebrate Nevada Day

Taylor Pettaway and Molly Moser

With sunny skies and fall-tinted trees, Nevadans united to celebrate statehood in downtown Carson City on Saturday with contests, food, a parade, and loved ones.

Hundreds of residents from across the state gathered down Carson Street to celebrate the Battle-Born state for its 153rd anniversary. Adults and children alike lined the streets to watch the annual Nevada Day parade and festivities from the Rock Drilling World Championship to the beard contest. Everyone was out and about enjoying the warm fall weather, the local food and lots of delicious drinks.

For Gov. Brian Sandoval, this Nevada Day was particularly special, as it showed a unified Nevada family following the tragic Las Vegas shooting.

“I was chocked up during the parade because we had standing ovations throughout the entire parade,” Sandoval said. “It is beautiful I have never seen more people there before today and so many people with Nevada flags and shirts, showing off their state pride.”

Did you miss some of Saturday’s activities? Check out our video highlights below. Story continues below videos.

Sandoval walked with a number of first responders and public safety officers in a #VegasStrong float to honor those who lost their lives in the tragic shooting earlier this month.

“The outpouring of support for our men and women who are first responders, law enforcement, EMTs, and coroners was amazing and it’s important to celebrate and show state pride at its best,” Sandoval said.

“I love every bit (of Nevada Day), it’s unlike any other state and that makes me proud.”

For many Nevadans, that state pride is what makes an event like this so special.

“It’s nice to see everyone here and enjoying the day,” said Vicki Crabb of Dayton. “Especially considering the recent events that’s happened.”

Although other states celebrate their statehood anniversaries, most locals can agree Nevada is one of the few states that goes all out on a celebration.

“I think (Nevada Day) means we are special,” said Jennifer O’Neil. “You talk to people from California and they are like ‘what you guys have a whole state holiday?’ And so something like this just makes us special.”