Carson City Cultural Commission celebrates 10th anniversary |

Carson City Cultural Commission celebrates 10th anniversary

Nick Aliburti, Tara Burke, Sierra Scott, and Carol Scott, and Mark Salinas, Carson City arts and culture coordinator, stand on the porch of the Bliss Mansion, after accepting an honor on behalf of Jeffrey Scott, a former Cultural Commission member who passed away on 2010.
Rachael Schneider/City of Carson City

Carson City’s Cultural Commission celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Bliss Mansion on Friday recognizing three of its most instrumental members.

Former commissioners Peter Barton and Jeffrey Scott, and current member Karen Abowd were honored at a luncheon organized and emceed by Mark Salinas, Carson City arts and culture coordinator.

“I want to thank you personally for bringing me to Carson City,” said Salinas during his introduction of Abowd, who was part of the team that recruited Salinas as the first to lead the city’s arts and culture office.

“When I think of anything that has beauty in Carson City, I know Karen Abowd had something to do with it,” said Mayor Bob Crowell, who read proclamations honoring each recipient and presented each with a gift.

“It’s been a village that got us where we are now,” said Abowd, who’s a Carson City supervisor.

Barton was one the commission’s first members, serving from 2008, when the commission was established, through 2013.

“I’m a little humbled and a little embarrassed. I was just a bit player in this whole commission,” said Barton. “It is wonderful to be here at the Bliss Mansion. When I think of arts and culture in Carson City, I think of the Bliss family.”

Cynthia Brenneman, who with her husband Steve owns the historic home, hosted the event held on the mansion’s porch and accompanied by Milton Merlos, a Spanish acoustic guitarist from Reno.

Scott’s family accepted the honor for Scott, who passed away in 2010.

“Jeffrey would be so proud,” said Carol Scott, who with her husband founded Wild Horse Children’s Theater. “He said the show must go on and it does.”

Scott’s daughters, Sierra Scott and Tara Burke, and Sierra’s husband, Nick Aliburti, joined in the tribute.

Current members Terri McBride, who chairs the commission, and Barbara D’Anneo also spoke briefly, encouraging everyone to support the commission and the arts.

“Please come see us at the meetings. And I encourage you to volunteer,” said McBride. “Find an arts and culture organization you care about and volunteer for it.”