Carson City dog park effort still looking for a leader |

Carson City dog park effort still looking for a leader

A dozen people who gathered in the Community Center on Thursday to discuss forming a group to improve and possibly expand Carson City’s dog parks finished the meeting still looking for someone to take charge.

The meeting was hosted by Donna Curtis with the Foundation for Carson City Parks & Recreation, who talked about the challenges of equipping and maintaining existing dog parks.

The Fuji Park dog park is dirt and many residents who use it wonder if turf could be installed.

“If we want to put in grass, we could put in about 5,000 square feet in the small dog area and with concrete curbing and irrigation it would cost about $14,000,” said David Navarro, parks operations manager, Carson City’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space department.

Two benches would cost about $1,600, he said, as would the installation of four more trees for shade.

Sonoma Park, the city’s other dog park, needs more benches, too, and there’s no water fountain except in the adjacent playground.

“We do get a lot of complaints about people going into the playground with their dogs to get a drink,” said Navarro.

A water fountain with a lower-level fountain for dogs would cost about $4,600 to install, he said.

There also are several sites where a new dog park could be located to expand the city’s offerings.

That’s the impetus behind forming a citizen’s group — to determine projects and then raise the money to fund them.

But, first the group has to be created, said Curtis.

“Is there interest in forming a group and recruiting more people?” Curtis asked the attendees.

Several people said they would happy to help, but none were prepared to lead.

So plans are to distribute more fliers in hopes of attracting more people, including at least one who could fill the role of organizing the group.

Curtis said the resulting organization could take over the name Parks 4 Paws, an inactive group that raised $20,000 for benches, shade trees and fencing for Fuji Park, which still has several thousand dollars in the bank.

The group also could work under the umbrella of the Foundation, which has non-profit status, eliminating some administrative headaches of starting up.

Curtis said anyone interested in joining is welcome to attend the Foundation’s meeting, at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the conference room at the Parks & Rec office, 3303 Butti Way, Building 9.

Or email Curtis at