Carson City health inspections |

Carson City health inspections

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for March 25. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Capital City Liquor, 1511 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Carson City Senior Center, Meals on Wheels, 911 Beverly Drive, scored 100 points.

Carson Nugget, Alattee Coffee & Wine Bar, 507 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Carson Nugget, main kitchen, 507 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

CVS Pharmacy, 220 Fairview Drive, scored 100 points.

Johnny Rockets, 4600 Snyder Ave., Suite B, scored 100 points.

La Enchilada, 557 S. Saliman Road, scored 100 points.

Living the Good Life, bar and lounge, 1480 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Wally’s Pizza & Subs, 4600 Snyder Ave., Suite D, scored 100 points.

Carson Lanes, Alley’s Snack Bar, 4600 Snyder Ave., scored 99 points. There were no chlorine test strips on hand.

Living the Good Life, restaurant, 1480 N. Carson St., scored 99 points. The exhaust hood was missing a baffle.

Keva Juice, 2320 S. Carson St., Suite 2, scored 98 points. Floors in the kitchen and walk-in freezer were dirty. The ceiling fan guard and shelves in the walk-in refrigerator were dirty.

Super Burrito, 1250 S. Carson St., scored 89 points. A staff member was seen handling raw meat in the same gloves he or she then used to handle a spoon and pot handle, corrected on site. Two unlabeled chemical spray bottles were found at the front service counter, corrected on site. Scoop handles were found in ready-to-eat salsa and cooled rice.

Jack in the Box, 3665 S. Carson St., scored 94 points. The dishwasher was missing measurable chlorine concentration during the final rinse cycle. The floors in the kitchen and walk-in freezer as well as the floor sink needed to be cleaned. The fan guards inside the two-door reach-in refrigerators were dirty.

Taqueria Uraupan, 4601 Goni Road, Suite A, scored 94 points. There was no thermometer available to verify food temperature; a thermometer also was missing from the reach-in refrigerator. A food warmer was not working properly, corrected on site. Soap was missing from the kitchen sink, corrected on site. The kitchen sink’s faucet was leaky. Ceiling fans in the kitchen and bathroom and walls around the sinks needed to be cleaned. A light bulb needed to be replaced in a light fixture.

Z Bistro, 725 Basque Way, Suite 1, scored 93 points. Chlorine residual was missing from the dishwasher’s final rinse cycle. There was no certified food handler on duty.

Pho Country, 2495 N. Carson St., scored 73 points. A 15-gallon cooking vat of broth was being stored in the walk-in refrigerator at 100 degrees or hotter. Gravy was at an improper temperature; the gravy was disposed of on site. Eggs were being improperly stored. The low-temperature dishwasher was missing chlorine residual from the final rinse cycle. Bulk foods were not properly labeled. Food items were being stored on the floor of the walk-in refrigerator. Uncovered egg rolls were found in the freezer. Cooking equipment needed to be cleaned. Garbage storage container lids were open; corrected on site. The lid of the grease barrel, which was dirty, was open.