Carson City Library delivers to homebound |

Carson City Library delivers to homebound

Teri Vance
For the Appeal
Librarian Sandy DeVaney delivers books to locals as part of the Carson City Librar's Homebound program on Friday, March 3.
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To sign up to receive books through the Carson City Library’s Homebound Books program, call the front desk at 775-887-2244.

Ellie Gibson, 90, recently read “Firefly Lane,” by Kristin Hannah.

“I did three days straight, both day and night,” she said. “I didn’t make the bed, I didn’t do anything. I just read that book. It was so good, I cried halfway through it.”

Gibson, who no longer drives, would have a difficult time getting books without the Homebound Books program provided by the Carson City Library.

“I would have to depend on other people to take me,” Gibson said. “This way, Sandy keeps me in books, and I’m happy.”

As part of the program, Sandy DaVaney, library assistant, delivers books monthly to patrons who can’t make it to the library.

People who sign up for the service select from the genres and authors they like.

“Then I pull the books for them,” DaVaney said. “It’s a lot of fun. I bring five to 10 books a month. A couple of them like 12-15 a month, then I pick them up the following month and deliver a new batch.”

Gibson typically receives 12 new books each month.

“I like murder mysteries. I like love stories. I like adventure,” she said. “I started with the Harlequin love stories when I was a teenager, but now I mostly like the mysteries.”

Jan Linzy goes through about 10 books a week.

“I’ve got to say, this is the best program I’ve ever seen,” she said. “I’m such an avid reader, I’d go crazy without the books.”

She’s also planning on using the library’s Rosetta Stone program to learn Spanish and Tagalog.

“I’ve always got to be doing something,” she said.

Linzy’s preference is for mysteries as well.

“I love forensic pathology type books,” she said. “I like to read the thrillers. I cannot stand fantasy or science fiction. This program is just so wonderful because Sandy brings me all the authors I love.”

DaVaney has been delivering books for the Homebound Books program for about 15 years.

“I like to take a minute and talk to them and see how they’re doing,” she said. “They’re all sweeties. They really appreciate when I stop by, they get so tickled.”

She said there have been times when 20 people were participating. Now, she’s down to around five. Anyone interested in signing up can call the library’s front desk.