Carson City man to serve prison term |

Carson City man to serve prison term

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A Carson City man arrested for armed robbery during a narcotics sting was ordered Monday to serve at least 26 months and as much as 10 years in state prison.

Drug agents were monitoring David Michael Perren, 20, for his suspected involvement in a drug deal in September in a Plaza Motel room when weapons, including a .22-caliber rifle, became a factor.

Agents intervened to prevent injuries.

Perren’s attorney, Steve McGuire, said Perren and an accomplice concocted the plan immediately before the alleged drug deal was to take place. Working on a tip, Tri-Net agents were on hand, monitoring the situation.

A guilty plea to the robbery charge was part of a deal with prosecutors who dropped several other assault charges.

“It (the crime) shows what methamphetamine does to people who are normal when they aren’t under the influence,” McGuire said.