Carson City may offer online courses |

Carson City may offer online courses

Teri Vance

Students in Carson City may soon have an online alternative to attending classes, said associate superintendent Sue Keema.

She will introduce the idea to school board members during Tuesday’s meeting, with a series of presentations planned to fully explain the concept.

“The goal is to continue the flexibility we offer our students,” she said. “With our enrollment numbers going down, we’re looking at ways to retain or bring back our students.”

A pilot program, she said, is set to begin in the spring semester at Pioneer, the district’s alternative high school.

It will at first be used for credit recovery to help students who’ve fallen behind or failed classes.

She said it will also be an asset to homebound or hospitalized students or those in the juvenile detention center so they don’t fall behind.

“It gives our students more options,” she said.

Keema will present the concept on Tuesday with more details to follow at the Nov. 24 meeting. She will ask the board to cast a supporting vote on Dec. 3.

The idea was suggested by the Strategic Advisory Committee.

It will start out at the high school level and eventually extend to upper elementary age students, Keema said.

Although it will first be used as a way to make up credit deficiencies, it will also serve as an alternative to attending school, she said.

“The benefit is kids can choose online school but still be able to participate in school activities, like play on the football team,” she said.

The board also will discuss onsite health centers at selected schools that would offer primary health care.