Carson City Motor Unit teaches civilian motorcycle class |

Carson City Motor Unit teaches civilian motorcycle class

Amy Halton rides around the obstacle course for "Last Man Standing" at the Carson City Sheriff's Department Motor Unit's civilan motorcycle class Saturday. The Motor Unit taught civilians an advanced motorcycle class to help their skills in the bike.
Taylor Pettaway |

The Carson City Sheriff’s Department Motor Unit took a break from the streets to help teach civilians about advanced motorcycle skills.

The class, taught by Deputies Joey Trotter, Thomas Miller and Gary Denham, was aimed to teach riders better technique and more advanced skills for being able to handle their motorcycles. The students went through various courses and one on one training designed to teach them how to handle their bikes more skillfully and efficiently.

“It was great, everyone came out eager to learn so it was a good class,” Miller said. “There were some people who had been on a bike for 25 years and said that they were nervous to come out because they have been riding for so long and at the end were thanking us for teaching them things they didn’t know.”

The class lasted about eight hours and cost students $125 for the day. The Motor Unit had about 10 people come out and ride in the class.

“My husband took the class before, and I wanted to take it to just come out and ride better and learn some new stuff,” Amy Halton, one of the students, said. “It was difficult, but I am glad I did it.”