Carson City nutrition factory to collaborate education with products |

Carson City nutrition factory to collaborate education with products

Maria Watson speaks about the re-birth of the company she and her husband Rob built Friday in Carson City.
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Maria Watson wants Carson City to know she’s back in business and is determined to bring the community quality health education, along with the relaunch of her company.

Formerly known as Vitamin Research Products, the CEO and president is reintroducing her natural vitamin supplement line as American Nutritional Products after a two year hiatus.

From stress relievers to belly busters, Watson’s multivitamin products are manufactured with formulas containing plant-based ingredients, FDA approved.

Now that she’s returned, she hopes to connect with the local community — such as schools, churches, and other organizations—to teach the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve it, while promoting her product.

Specifically, she hopes to target families and single parents, as nearly a third of the country spends dollars on fast-food and restaurant services, according to USDA.

Whether seminars take place at community colleges, health centers, or even at her facility, Watson hopes to fulfill one’s health goals and produce new jobs in the area.

“It’s been a painful and long journey,” she said. “But this community helped us the first time and I want to educate as a way to give back.”

When her company used to be Vitamin Research, Watson and her husband, Ron, supervised the facility on Highway 50 East in 2012, before constructing a larger building at 4610 Arrowhead Drive.

Back then, the company employed 127 people and packaged at least 3,000 products per day.

However, regulatory climate became a concern, to a point where the private equity group supporting Watson’s company announced closure in July 2015. That closure led to the closure of Vitamin Research.

Now with 23 returning employees, Watson is preparing to get her manufacturing business up and running under the new name.

“My dream came true, but the rooms are empty.” she said.

As for Watson’s longtime customers, they’re elated over the news of the original founder’s return.

Jana Kay of Reno said she appreciates the natural ingredients the company uses in the multivitamins, as she couldn’t find desired quality products in grocery stores or pharmacies.

“She’s on a mission and wants to educate people—we need to educate people. That’s why I was inspired to study nutrition and psychology in college, and learn about eating disorders within mental health.”

Although Watson is a nutritional guru, what truly inspired her to get into the industry was her son, Josh, whom died at the age of 3 in 1987.

“He died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, his babysitter,” she said. “When he died, I gained 199 pounds and went through depression. But I knew I couldn’t be like this forever—I believed I could change the world with my passion, and I still feel that way.”

Watson is developing a plan for international collaboration. She connected with Deborah Torres Patel, a high prolific communication coach based out of Singapore.

Patel is known for mentoring best selling authors, entrepreneurs and leaders of Fortune 500 companies, and numerous celebrities in 79 countries.

Patel has never been to Carson City until last month when she met with Maria to help her develop a draft on how to combine health and education within the company.

One of Watson’s ideas is to teach ways to relieve stress and anxiety—with public speaking being a start.

“84 percent of first-time impressions is based on your tone of voice,” Patel said. “It also affects how you feel and that’s why I created my system to find your voice; you only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Patel and Watson also discussed ways to collaborate education with new products, such as consumables or water with a natural ingredients to support energy boosts.

“It’s about essential integrity and work,” Watson said. “Why not amplify that in Carson City? People that live here are active. I want to educate those that will listen.”

Watson advises the public to watch for future job announcements as the company grows.

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