Carson City officials preparing for flooding |

Carson City officials preparing for flooding

The Carson River at Cradlebaugh Bridge on Friday.
Brad Coman/Nevada Appeal

Carson City Sandbag locations

280 Appion Way

Fire Station 52, 2400 College Parkway

Carson City Corporate yard, 3505 Butti way

Winnie Lane and Foothill Drive

DOUGLAS COUNTY Sandbag locations

Sheridan Fire Station, 980 Sheridan Lane

Genoa Fire Station, 2298 Main Street

Jacks Valley Fire Station, 3450 Jacks Valley Road

Johnson Lane Fire Station, 1450 Stephanie Lane

Fish Springs Fire Station, 2249 Fish Springs Road

Ruhenstroth Fire Station, 2008 Pinto Circle

Topaz Ranch Estates Community Center, 4001 Carter Drive

Fire District Warehouse, 941 Mitch Drive


56 Red Rock Rd, Mound House (Fire Station)

Dayton Toll Rd, Silver City at the Y (HWY 341 and HWY 342)

200 Lakes Blvd, Dayton (front gate)

460 Dayton Valley Rd, Dayton (Fire Station)

404 Keystone Ave, Mark Twain (Utilities Building)

8105 W HWY 50, Stagecoach (Community Center at Cheyenne Tr.)

Animal Services, HWY 50 E Silver Springs

Carson City Deputy Emergency Manager Stacey Belt says this weekend’s weather won’t be as bad as last winter’s storms but she’s preparing for moderate flooding Saturday as the rain and winds intensify.

It rained off and on throughout Friday and National Weather Service forecasters were predicting heavy rain through Friday night and into Saturday followed by increasing winds.

“It’s going to dump rain for nine to 12 hours which is going to saturate the ground,” she said. “That increases the chance of trees being compromised and we’re looking at huge winds Saturday afternoon — 60 mph winds.”

And trees falling often means downed power lines that could endanger individuals and those in vehicles.

Belt said Carson City public works and parks department crews will be working 12-hour shifts to monitor flood prone areas throughout the city. She said the problems will be in the usual places: Deer Run Road along the Carson River, the Cradlebaugh Bridge.

“We’re also watching Ash Canyon and Curry Street,” she said. “Crews will be out all night long.”

Belt met with Rob Fellows, Carson’s storm water project manager who will also have people watching key areas of town.

While the Carson River may experience moderate flooding, she said, “the Carson River will not come downtown.”

After the flooding a year ago, she said they’ve put some mitigation measures in place.

“We’re expecting there’s going to be runoff and mudslides,” she said. “Those are definitely possible in Sierra Vista, Goni Canyon area. We’re prepositioning some equipment and sandbags in those areas.”

The other challenge, she said, is getting the word out to the public. She said those people who saw some water in the rains earlier this year will most likely see water in those same places this weekend.

She said residents need to make sure gutters, storm drains and culverts are clear of debris so water doesn’t back up.

“We’re looking at the citizenry to help us keep those clear,” she said.

Belt said the city has also set up four stations for people to get and fill sandbags: Winnie Lane at Foothill Drive, Station 52 at College Parkway, 3505 Butti Way and Ross Gold Park. She said the city’s flood watch website also has a video primer on how to properly fill sandbags and some advice on how to stay safe.

That advice includes staying away from moving water, especially near rivers and drainage systems, don’t wade in floodwater which may be contaminated or contain dangerous debris such as broken glass. The list includes staying away from downed power lines that could electrically charge the water and don’t drive through flood waters.

The Red Cross is advising people to make sure they have battery powered or hand-crank radios, flashlights with extra batteries and first aid kits along with medications. Red Cross officials also say copies of important documents such as proof of address, insurance policies and birth certificates be secured.

They warn people not to forget their pets if they must evacuate, making arrangements for shelters and pet friendly hotels and motels.

The good news is the area will begin drying out Sunday with just a few light showers followed by partly cloudy skies across the region Monday.

The bad news — that brief period of clearing will be followed by the next storm late Tuesday with more strong winds and possible snow in the Sierra.