Carson City Past Pages for Wednesday, July 10 |

Carson City Past Pages for Wednesday, July 10

Sue Ballew

140 Years Ago

Sarah Winnemucca is reputed to be the daughter of the old war chief of the Paiutes. It is set up, on the other hand, that she was born of Digger parents in the foothills of Sacramento Valley and educated by “The Sisters” at their Catholic academy in Marysville. She is well versed in the Paiute tongue and has acted as an interpreter. She is regarded as the virgin queen of the Paiutes who dresses like an American female of rustic habits and modest pretensions … As a reputed princess of the Paiute blood royal, she is a famous character …

130 Years Ago

Big fish: A fish 20 feet long has been seen at Lake Tahoe. Several guests of the Grand Central Hotel, while out in a boat, avow that they had a good view of him as he swam lazily alongside the boat … This is the first time where the fish has been seen by more than one person at a time … No one would think of questioning the veracity of the parties mentioned, people are beginning to take stock in the fish.

120 Years Ago

Beauty contest (for men): Casting votes in a beauty contest sponsored by the Appeal — George Givevich hasn’t done a lick of work since the contest started. He is at the top of the list of contestants with the most votes. He went right off and got $50 suit of clothes, shaves twice a day and poses in the street like a Kearney street statue. He puts in his time fixing his hair and curling his little black mustache.

70 Years Ago

Lions’ installation: Rex Jones was installed as president of the Lions Club for the new year by Judge Clark J. Guild at the club’s regular meeting at the Arlington Hotel. Roland van der Smissen, new head of the Nevada State Orphans’ Home, was guest of the club.

50 Years Ago

Advertisement: “Wiest’s Motors, 1605 N. Carson — “Rambler American 220” Two door sedan — America’s lowest priced car, room for a family of six “Car of the Year” quality. $40.34 per month … ”

30 Years Ago

Ormsby House: The Ormsby House got approval to allow encroachment of a proposed parking garage into the public street. The Ormsby House had asked for closure of Curry, a main north-south artery in the city’s’ road system …

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.