Carson City school board may challenge state panel |

Carson City school board may challenge state panel

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer

After a failed attempt to persuade Carson City school officials to change their graduation policy, state school board trustee Barbara Myers is taking her argument to the next level.

But Carson City trustees may fight it when the discuss the issue at tonight’s school board meeting at 7.

Members of the Nevada Board of Education plan to discuss Saturday whether to adopt a new regulation that would force all high schools in Nevada to allow students who do not pass the proficiency exam to participate in graduation ceremonies.

“I brought it up at a state board meeting and 10 out of 10 trustees agreed we ought to look at it,” Myers said. “Apparently, it is something that is appropriate to our level.”

However, Carson City school board President Bob Crowell said in addition to opposing the regulation philosophically, he thinks it is not the state’s jurisdiction.

“This is a local government issue,” he said. “What ceremonies you have to celebrate or who should participate is strictly a local community decision.

“If there’s anything local in nature, it’s that.”

Local school board trustees will decide during their meeting tonight whether to adopt an action in opposition to the state board’s proposal.

Trustee John McKenna said he is willing to oppose the regulation even if it means canceling graduation ceremonies to resist complying.

“Using walking in graduation as an incentive for students to complete all their requirements and to pass the proficiency exam has been beneficial to Carson City,” McKenna said. “To remove that incentive is an invitation to mediocrity.”

The issue came before the board in June when Myers spoke on behalf of a student who did not pass the Nevada high school proficiency exam, but had completed all the other requirements for graduation.

Myers urged school board officials to call on principal Glen Adair to change the high school’s policy.

She said it was unfair to deny students a common rite of passage when they have completed all requirements for graduation except pass the state-mandated test.

Carson City trustees argued that graduation is more than a rite of passage but rather a right to be earned.

The state school board will meet Saturday in Las Vegas.


What: Carson City School Board meeting

When: 7 tonight

Where: School district office board room, 1401 W. King St.