Carson City schools set millennial goals |

Carson City schools set millennial goals

by Teri Vance

In the dawn of the new millennium, the Carson City School District is setting resolutions that have a familiar ring: to promote a high level of achievement and to provide a safe learning environment.

The two goals are designed to work together.

“Achievement is a great part of safe schools,” said Superintendent Jim Parry.

He said that student achievement leads to greater loyalty within the school, which in turn reduces the level of hostility.

“We are working on making schools a happier and friendlier place for children,” Parry said.

Various programs have been implemented to help achieve a safe and productive school system.

Parry said educators will focus on eliminating repetition from one grade level to the next while ensuring that all state education standards are covered.

“Right now, our effort is to map curriculum for K-12 so there are no gaps and no redundancies,” he said.

To accomplish this, teachers from one grade level will meet with teachers from the next grade level to discuss what subjects will be covered and what the expectations will be upon entering the next grade.

For example, the fourth-grade teacher will meet with the fifth-grade teacher to decide what will be taught in the fourth grade and what the students will be expected to know by the time they enroll in the fifth grade.

“The teachers will build on each other’s efforts,” Parry said.

In addition to the efforts to increase each student’s personal achievement, steps have also been taken to ensure personal safety.

Crisis management plans are in place at each school. Each school site has communications with the sheriff and fire department as well as to the hospital.

Teachers are receiving intervention training and one deputy has been assigned to the high school. The high school is also under video surveillance.

Parry said a strict no-tolerance policy for violence is also being enforced.

If a student instigates two fights on campus, that student is suspended for one semester.

If a student brings a gun to school, that student is suspended for one year and if a second gun is brought, the student will be permanently expelled.