Carson City schools’ superintendent rated ‘very satisfactory’ |

Carson City schools’ superintendent rated ‘very satisfactory’

Nevada Appeal staff report

The Carson City School Board presented its evaluations of Superintendent Richard Stokes on Tuesday.

The evaluations, compiled in advance, were presented to Stokes at the board meeting. Stokes was given an overall compilation score of “very satisfactory.”

Stokes was awarded very satisfactory for leadership and district culture, employer-supervisor relations, community relations and communication, organizational management, education planning and development, human resources and staff relations, student achievement and strategic plan. He was awarded superior in ethics and finance.

Stokes has consistently received ratings in the very satisfactory to superior range from the board. In 2015, Stokes received an overall score just under superior that would’ve left him at very satisfactory, but the board decided to round up the score to give him a superior rating.

“Overall, you represent the district very well and have an exceptionally high moral compass,” said member Joe Cacioppo.

Many of the board members thanked Stokes for his time and dedication to the district and for listening and resolving issues that arose the past year. They also credited him with creating an open environment for ideas and actions to be taken to benefit the students of the district.

“You go well beyond what most superintendents do,” said member Ron Swirczek. “You are exceptional and we are fortunate to have you.”