Carson City Sheriff: 4-year-old shot in head by BB gun |

Carson City Sheriff: 4-year-old shot in head by BB gun

A 4-year-old is in critical but stable condition at UC Davis in California after being shot in the head by a BB gun.

On Monday, Carson City Sheriff’s Detectives responded to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center for investigation. Medical personnel determined that the projectile had penetrated the skull and embedded itself in the child’s brain. The child was immediately transported to UC Davis in California for treatment.

While at the hospital, Detectives were informed by the child’s family members that unidentified neighborhood juvenile boys were playing with either airsoft or BB guns in the area of their home when a ricochet struck the little boy. After it was discovered the child was injured, the victim’s mother attempted to transport him to the hospital, but when his condition severely worsened, she stopped at a fire station for immediate medical care. Paramedics treated the young boy and transported him to the Emergency Room.

Detectives responded to the victim’s home at the residential apartment area of 3400 block of Airport Road. After examining the area and conducting several interviews throughout the day, the reported circumstances began to fall apart. Monday evening, Deputies returned to the residence with a search warrant for the home of the victim. During the execution of the search warrant, and confrontational interviews, the 13 year old brother of the victim admitted shooting his brother with a bb gun rifle and (assisted by a cousin) hiding the weapon in their garage. The weapon was recovered, along with other items of interest, and the 13 year old arrested on the charge of Battery With a Deadly Weapon Causing Substantial Bodily Harm. He was transported to the Carson City Juvenile Detention Center without incident.

This investigation remains actively open while Detectives continue to collect information regarding the incident, including who assisted in hiding the information and evidence from law enforcement authorities.