Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong urges caution after Reno stalking incidents |

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong urges caution after Reno stalking incidents

During the weekend, several stories of suspicious men stalking women in Reno have emerged and law enforcement is warning Northern Nevada residents to be cautious.

Several of the reports state seeing five men and a white van circling women’s vehicles when they enter Reno stores and shopping centers over the weekend. While all of the victims have left unharmed, the incident has law enforcement and the community on edge.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said if any citizens notice any suspicious activity, don’t be afraid to call authorities right away.

“It is an issue for Carson City to be aware of, and anytime, anywhere day or night that you feel uncomfortable we want you to call us and we will get there as fast as possible,” Furlong said. Furlong said the best advice is to always call 911 first. If you’re inside a store and witness a strange activity, go back into the store and stay with store representatives until law enforcement arrives.

“Please don’t risk contact or confrontation because of the unknowns that can take place,” Furlong said.

He also advises if you’re driving and notice someone following your vehicle, don’t go home, but otherwise go to a safe spot.

“If you can, go directly to a safe place like the Sheriff’s Office or Fire Department or any place where there is the safety of others.”

So far Reno Police have been unable to officially connect the crimes and have determined that so far no crimes have been committed.

If you see suspicious activity call 911 or the non-emergency line at 775-887-COPS.