Carson City Sheriff’s Office honors three deputies |

Carson City Sheriff’s Office honors three deputies

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office honored three deputies Friday afternoon; welcoming one, promoting another and saying goodbye to a third.

Sheriff Ken Furlong started the ceremony Friday by saying goodbye to patrol Sgt. Darrin Sloan, who retired after 23 years with the agency.

Sloan was instrumental in recreating the school resource officer program and is the only law enforcement member trained in the state of Nevada in marijuana expertise.

“Darrin has been a part of this organization forever,” Furlong said. “Congratulations Darrin, I wish you the best.”

Furlong credited the sergeant as being one of the most important officers in the department.

“Studies show that the mid-level managers are the most important,” Furlong said. “They are fast acting, have a lot to do and they are the ones who make the split-second decisions.”

As the department ushered out one member, it also introduced a new one: Dylan Etchegaray was sworn in Friday afternoon as a new deputy.

“You are entering into an organization that I think, and though I am biased I do have statistics to back that up, is at the top of its class, absolute top of the class,” Furlong said.

He welcomed Etchegaray with the oath of office, which Etchegaray read to his family, peers and new co-workers.

“This today is just the start of your dreams and I think it is going to be a long and prosperous career,” Furlong said.

Lastly, the department celebrated the promotion of Deputy David LeGros to sergeant.

“When the chips are down and most challenging, the guy to go to is Dave,” Furlong said.

LeGros worked as a detective in the investigations division for more than a decade.

“I couldn’t be more proud for you personally and professionally,” Furlong said.

LeGros and Etchegaray will be assigned to the jail.