Carson City Sheriff’s officers recognized on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day |

Carson City Sheriff’s officers recognized on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Lauren Tucker and her daughter Audrey, 6, brings cookies to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. The two provide cookies to Deputy Nick Pinochi, Sgt. Earl Mays, Sheriff Ken Furlong, Sgt. Brian Mays, and Deputies Sean Palamar and Jonathan Stone.
Taylor Pettaway/Nevada Appeal |

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office was shown some love Tuesday for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Sparks residents Lauren Tucker and her 6-year-old daughter Audrey brought cookies and treats to the Sheriff’s Office to show the deputies the community cares.

“Every day, police officers go and help and sometimes people don’t appreciate them because they are often seeing people on the worst day and we wanted them to know that people do care and appreciate them,” said Tucker.

Tucker is a part of the Northern Nevada Concerns of Police Survivors — an organization that provides resources for families who lost a loved one in the line of duty deaths. Members of the organization passed out cookies, ribbons and other goodies to law enforcement officers from Reno to Churchill to Storey Counties. One or more members of the organization on Tuesday visited nearly every jurisdiction.

“In Northern Nevada we wanted to take care of as many agencies as possible,” Tucker said.

The purpose was to make sure officers from all over Northern Nevada felt loved and appreciated and got a thank you for what they do for the community.

“I wanted to say thank you because it’s good because they help us,” Audrey said.

And to the officers, just the simple thank you and acknowledgment meant a lot.

“It is such a pleasure to me that here in Northern Nevada our community supports our public safety and it makes our jobs much easier,” said Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. “To have little kids bring us cookies, it means so much. It is one thing to know we are supported but it is another to see that support, have that face to face interaction to look someone in the eye while they tell you thank you, it is such a great feeling.”

And not only did they get cookies, but the Carson City Sheriff’s Office was also awarded Tuesday with recognition for their National Night Out event for the 15th year in a row. The event is meant to bring together the community and law enforcement to build positives connections between the two.

“This past year was the most festive one we have seen so far,” Furlong said. “As in just everyone was having more fun than we had ever seen. And we are very proud of that.”