Video: Carson students win ‘No Zombie Texting’ contest |

Video: Carson students win ‘No Zombie Texting’ contest

Nevada Appeal staff report
A screen shot from a video produced by Kasandra Medina-Torres and Gisela Vazquez.

Muscle Powered, a nonprofit advocacy organization that works to make Carson City safer for pedestrians and cyclists, has announced winners in the No Zombie Texting video competition.

The student teams received cash awards at the end of the last school year and winning videos are being distributed statewide to media outlets now to help get the school year off to a safe start. The videos are all posted to You Tube and are available for television and cable outlets to download and run as public service announcements.

The dramatic and emotionally charged 30-second educational PSAs show teenagers texting and the damage that activity causes, to them and to those around them.

“Texting while walking, biking, or driving kills. Put down the phone,” says Kelly Clark, the coordinator for the project, which was funded by the Governor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.

“These students did a phenomenal job depicting the dangers of texting while driving, and we hope media outlets across the state will share these award winning videos to help educate others.”

First place: Team Petrova, by Kasandra Medina-Torres and Gisela Vazquez, CHS freshman and Carson Middle School Student.

Second place: Team Worm Boys, by Samuel Johnson, Tristen Quintero and Ethan Snyder, seniors 2018 at Carson High School.

Third Place: Team Ad, Ast and Alfredo, by Alfredo Chissotti, an Italian exchange student in 2018.

For information, contact Clark, Muscle Powered technical advisor, 775-315-2719 or,.