Carson City supervisors remove RV parking rules, but vow to revisit them |

Carson City supervisors remove RV parking rules, but vow to revisit them

Jill Lufrano

Carson City supervisors removed a section of city code Friday that placed specific rules on the parking of recreational vehicles, but vowed to hold a public meeting in the future to re-address the issue.

After hearing from several residents, supervisors and Mayor Ray Masayko said they wanted to remove restrictions that became law without sufficient public debate. The removal won’t affect rules governing parking the vehicles on the street, officials said.

“It is best we take it out and start anew and give people proper notice,” Masayko said. “You can expect that to come back and I expect a couple of points of view on that.”

Supervisor Shelly Aldean, who originally was against removing the restrictions from city code, said she received several calls about the issue and changed her mind when she was assured the matter would be reconsidered at a future public meeting.

“This is something we need to take a serious look at,” Aldean said.

About 18 months ago, city officials revised several sections of the city code and the rules for parking RVs and unoccupied mobile homes were added. The rule was supposed to be taken back out of the city code before it became final because of concerns over enforcement, said Community Development Director Walt Sullivan.

Staff inadvertently overlooked it and the restrictions remained in the code, Sullivan said. Supervisors voted Friday to remove wording that required trailers, mobile homes and recreational vehicles to be parked behind the front-yard setback of a residence.

Supervisor Robin Williamson voted against removing the restrictions but didn’t offer reasons for her decision.

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