Carson City woman thanks McDonalds through song and dance |

Carson City woman thanks McDonalds through song and dance

Chris Perdomo and Carol Tierney sing as they do the Big Mac Boogie as a way to thank McDonalds. Tierney won a coupon for 50 free Big Macs and was using the last 20 Thursday morning at the Winnie Street McDonalds in Carson City.
Taylor Pettaway |

As a way to send a thank you to McDonalds, one Carson City woman decided to sing and dance her appreciation.

One year ago at the grand opening of the Winnie Street McDonalds, Carol Tierney waited in line for three hours to get a coupon good for 50 free Big Macs for year from the establishment. Thursday was the last day Tierney could use the coupon and she decided to gather her friends together and create a flashmob at the McDonalds Thursday morning.

Singing an original song, titled the Big Mac Boogie, they broke out their cowboy hats and square dance skills to perform it for the McDonalds patrons.

“The idea came to me last week, because our group goes walking at 6:30 every morning and I was telling them that I had a week to use up the rest of my coupon, and we came up with this idea to get the Big Macs and thank McDonalds,” Tierney said.

Patrons watched and filmed the dance, many appreciating what the group was doing.

“Good job you guys, you really made my day,” said one McDonalds customer.

What will Tierney do with 20 Big Macs?

“I will take it to our cards game,” Tierney said. “We play cards every Thursday after this.”