Carson City’s landfill is ready for some junk |

Carson City’s landfill is ready for some junk

Terri Harber
Appeal Staff Writer

The number of people using the Carson City Sanitary Landfill hasn’t increased substantially – even with the decrease in prices for most small dump-offs by Carson City customers last year.

“There are those that just don’t care and would rather save a few dollars and degrade our community by illegal dumping,” said Ken Arnold, the city’s public works operations manager. “And they come from all walks of life.”

Use of the landfill, at 7001 Highway 50 East, goes up 1 percent to 2 percent each year on average. Additional construction work in the area has caused the demand to go up by 3 percent during recent years, however, said Arnold.

With price decreases for locals came increases for out-of-county users. Still, Carson City’s landfill is “less expensive than other surrounding sites,” he said.

The landfill hosts a variety of events to increase awareness of the landfill and better ensure that items are disposed of properly, Arnold said.

“There is no common material that is illegally disposed,” Arnold said. “Household trash, furniture, tires, appliances, mattresses, waste oil, engine blocks, etc.”

Even people transporting junk to the landfill can inadvertently cause problems by not securing their loads. They too can be cited, said Kevin McCoy, the city’s code enforcement officer.

There are environmental problems that arise from illegal dumping – no matter how refuse ends up in places where it doesn’t belong, he said.

Old auto batteries, used motor oil and common household products are environmentally damaging to soil, plants and animals and can seep into the community’s drinking water if these items are disposed of improperly, McCoy said.

The city expects the landfill to be a viable dump site until 2056 – if carefully managed. When it was privately run, the facility was expected to be filled before the end of the decade.

Areas are set aside for the recycling of scrap metal, wood waste, antifreeze, used motor oil, car batteries and all curbside recyclable items. If you have questions about where to dispose of a particular item see one of the attendants on duty. Recycling is free.

The Carson City Landfill is off of Highway 50 East at the east edge of Carson City and opens daily at 8 a.m. From November to April – and all weekends – the last load must be brought by 4:30 p.m. From May to October, the final hauls are allowed at 5:30 p.m.

The landfill is closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Labor Day, Nevada Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Call the Carson City Environmental Health Department at 887-2190, ext. 1306.

• Contact reporter Terri Harber at tharber or 882-2111, ext. 215.


– The Carson City Landfill is at 7001 Highway 50 East.

– Call the Carson City Environmental Health Department at 887-2190 for details.


Users must show proof of residence before receiving the lower in-county rate. Out-of-county users will be charged more for leaving many types of refuse:

Type of waste — In-county min — Out-of-county min.

Medical: $72 — not accepted

Dead animals: $30 — not accepted

Appliances, tubs: $6 — $12

Autos, motorcycles, boats, campers less than 30 feet long: $6 — $12

Tree stumps larger than 18 inches in diameter: $7 each — $14 each

– Source: Carson City