Carson City’s population projected to reach 60,000 in 2010 |

Carson City’s population projected to reach 60,000 in 2010

Becky Bosshart
Appeal Staff Writer

A new population report projects that Carson City will reach 60,000 residents by 2010, with a larger number of people aged under 34 and the Hispanic community comprising 20 percent of the total population.

In 2010, Latin Americans in Carson City are expected to number 12,120, making them the largest minority group in Carson City. Blacks, American Indians and Asians show incremental population increases, according to the Carson City Estimates and Projections 2000-2026 report.

“Overall, the state’s Hispanic population, from 2000 to 2005, grew about 46 percent, and in Carson City it grew by 29 percent,” said state Demographer Jeff Hardcastle.

Big business has taken notice of Carson City’s growing Hispanic population. Using a demographic survey, Wal-Mart opened its new northeast Carson City store last year with an eye on catering to this market, said Jim Gray, co-manager of the local Wal-Mart. The produce he mentioned – such as avocados and jalapeno peppers – are familiar to Westerners influenced by the Latin American culture.

The population data was compiled in the summer and completed on July 30. State population estimates will be released next week. Hardcastle said the economic model that determines these projections is driven by job growth, while also taking into account migration and an aging population.

In 2010, the number of those aged under 19 is expected to be about 15,560, which is about 5 percent more than 2005. This is uplifting news to Carson City School District Superintendent Mary Pierczynski.

“We’ll do everything to accommodate those children because that’s our business,” she said.

The district’s student population has declined in the last three years. This year the elementary schools will average 610 children, said Pierczynski.

The important young professional group, those aged 20-34, also shows an increase of 15 percent, from 9,693 to 11,167.

The area continues to be a popular later-life location for those 45-59. This generation will increase to 9 percent in another four years, from 12,065 to 13,147.

“Our primary inquiries come from the 65-plus population, so that’s in line with the demographics,” said Ronni Hannaman, Carson City Area Chamber of Commerce executive director.

They’re looking for senior citizen-specific neighborhoods. That’s who the chamber is mostly dealing with, but it could be because younger professionals don’t use the chamber of commerce as a source of information, she said.

Hardcastle projects Carson City’s population in 2015 to be 66,228 and 75,660 in 2025. At that time, Hispanics will be about 28 percent of the total population.

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