Carson City’s unemployment rate remains steady in Oct. |

Carson City’s unemployment rate remains steady in Oct.

Becky Bosshart
Appeal Staff Writer

Entering this holiday season, Carson City’s unemployment rate remained steady at 4.4 percent in October, according to a state report released Monday.

This is the season when the construction industry starts laying off, and the retail sector starts to hire its seasonal staff.

Carson City employment in both sectors stayed steady from September to October, but a construction official said business is sluggish overall in Northern Nevada, and it’s not because of the weather.

“Typically, companies will lay people off when business is slow, and unfortunately business is kind of slow in the construction industry right now,” said Rick DeMar, chief executive officer of the Builders Association of Western Nevada. “These current layoffs really don’t have anything to do with the time of year.”

During good economic years, construction companies will keep employees. DeMar isn’t seeing that this year.

“But, the industry as a whole is looking for this spring to be healthy with regards to going back to work,” he said Monday.

Complete Millwork Services, which is moving to Carson City, always has a difficult time finding skilled trade workers. The company has made cabinets in Mound House for 21 years, most recently in a 36,000-square-foot building on Kit Kat Drive.

“We’re a high-production, custom commercial mill work shop,” said office manager Wes Heppner. “We move at a high pace, which a lot (of workers) aren’t used to. It’s difficult to find people who can function and stay in it.

“When you find a good carpenter, you keep them.”

Complete Millwork employs 110 workers in its office and shop.

On the horizon: the effects of the mid-term elections.

The smoking ban begins Dec. 8. The minimum wage hike passed in this month’s election will go into effect Nov. 28.

Analysts will be watching to see if bars that serve food will lay off kitchen workers in favor of keeping gaming machines and bar patrons who smoke. The ban affects restaurants, including those inside casinos and many public buildings.

Analysts are also watching to see if Nevada employers will add fewer new jobs because of the minimum wage hike.

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