Carson gas price beginning to drop |

Carson gas price beginning to drop

Rex Bovee

Gasoline prices in Carson City have dropped a nickel since mid-March, reflecting a slow decline that is taking hold along the West Coast.

But the auto club AAA Nevada warned Tuesday that increasing demand in spring and summer months will likely reverse the trend and send the prices of a gallon of self-serve unleaded back toward the $2 level.

A Nevada Appeal survey of 10 Carson City gas stations showed prices ranging from $1.60 to $1.87 a gallon, for an average of $1.77. the average price here on March 14 was $1.82 a gallon, while the Feb. 29 average was $1.60.

Gas and Save, 1360 South Carson Street, lowered its price at noon Tuesday from $1.67 to $1.60.

AAA’s Tuesday survey of prices in Northern California, Reno and Las Vegas showed some prices higher and some lower compared to its survey three weeks ago. The price in Reno was unchanged at $1.86, while the $1.86 price in Las Vegas was a 13-cent increase since in mid-March.

Prices had peaked in between those surveys, so they do not show the highest level, according to AAA.

“Better West Coast refinery production and lower oil prices are bringing penny-by-penny relief at the gas pumps,” Paul Moreno, AAA Nevada spokesman, said Tuesday. “Once again, we are seeing gas prices go up like a rocket and come down like a feather.”

Oil prices have fallen from $34 to $27 a barrel since Organization of Oil Exporting Countries ministers agreed to boost production levels in late March and West Coast refinery output has increased inventories, helping bring down wholesale prices.

Tuesday prices for Unleaded Regular Gas

Bob’s Texaco 705 N. Carson $1.86

Carson City Shell 1600 N. Carson $1.89

Gas and Save 1360 South Carson $1.60

Short Stop Market 1321 N. Carson $1.87

AM-PM 720 S. Carson $1.72

AM-PM 2707 Hwy. 50 East $1.73

AM-PM 4340 N. Carson $1.70

Seven-Eleven 3838 Hwy. 50 East $1.80

Seven-Eleven 3701 N. Carson $1.73

Winner’s Corner 1400 Rand Ave. $1.82

Average price $1.77