Carson High art students recreate Mona Lisa |

Carson High art students recreate Mona Lisa

by staff

Carson High School’s art students used money they won in a student safety calendar contest to fund construction of a mural of the “Mona Lisa” painting.

“Mona Lisa” was picked as the icon to represent the art department. The members chose “Mona Lisa” because it was one of the most famous western pieces of art and was painted by Leonardo daVinci during the Renaissance in 1503. The icon is on the wall near the art department.

The Art II class entered their designs for the safety calendar for the year 2000. The theme for the calendar was “safety in the work place.” The contest was sponsored by the Division of Industrial Relations.

Six students from Carson High School were awarded $430 each for their designs. The school received matching funds. The six students were Jason Simms, first place and an additional $250 for his poster design; Jessica Willet, second; Claire Jaquette, sixth; Josh Noble, seventh; A.J. Runzel, ninth and Kaleb Temple, 10th.

Since the start of the school year, the advanced placement art classes with Paul Ford have been working on the icon for the art department with each student painting one or two tiles. When the tiles came together, they made a mural of “Mona Lisa.” The size was 3 by 4 feet.