Carson High student seeks donations for medical costs |

Carson High student seeks donations for medical costs

Carson High School sophomore Siana Escobosa, 16,diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in April, is undergoing chemotherapy.
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Five months ago, an energetic and spirited Siana Escobosa was enjoying her life as a 16-year-old girl attending Carson High School.

But that suddenly changed when she began experiencing pain in her lower back. It was manageable until it spread throughout her hips and arms.

After multiple appointments at hospitals, little did she and her mother know they would be spending spring and summer in the intensive care unit at Renown.

Escobosa was diagnosed with cancer April 11, stage 4 B cell Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s.

“This is shocking,” said her mother, Lorinda. “When your child starts to complain about pain, you never know what it is. Obviously, not all pain indicates cancer but it did take a while to get to that point with a pediatrician and orthopedic. It started in her bone marrow and pain increased.”

Lymphoma is a group of blood cancers that develops in the lymphatic system, a crucial part to immune and circulatory systems. According to the American Cancer Society, non-hodgkin lymphoma will be diagnosed in 72,240 people in 2017, commonly occurring in children, teens, and young adults.

Escobosa began her four-month chemotherapy treatment April 14 and is expected to be released during the summer, depending on the timeline of the process.

Lorinda said her prognosis went well, as the first round of chemo killed the majority of the cancer.

In Escobosa’s CAT scan results, a small cancerous spot in her hip remains.

“It’s been treatable,” Lorinda said. “But it spread quickly from December to April.”

Although Escobosa is spending the rest of her sophomore year in a hospital bed, her teachers at CHS stopped grading her, Lorinda said, and she will take her final exams in the summer.

Lorinda, whom works clerical at United Engine & Manufacturing on Corbett Street, has been working off site from the hospital, standing by her daughter’s side.

Escobosa is the oldest of her group of siblings; two twins of 7 months, and two sisters ages 9 and 12. She yearns to spend time with them, Lorinda said, but it’s difficult with her immune system being compromised.

Although she remains in bed rest for an extended amount of time, Escobosa is not giving up. In the meantime, she is managing her GoFund Me page, “Fight Like a Girl,” with a goal to raise $8,000 for medical costs.

So far, she has raised more than $3,390 and the website labeled the cause as a trending campaign.

“I think the biggest thing is for her to feel supported,” Lorinda said. “We’ve never been in this situation and we’re not used to asking for help.”

When asked if she would like to make a comment to the Appeal, Escobosa requested her mother to pass on a word of advice to share with the public.

“She said not to take life for granted,” Lorinda said, holding back tears. “And that life is precious and it can change anytime.”

Lorinda said emotional support is needed for Siana and it’s just about getting her through it.

To donate, visit or search for Fundraiser by Siana Love.