Carson High students learn about juvenile probation process |

Carson High students learn about juvenile probation process

Students at Carson High School got the chance to learn about the juvenile probation process Thursday and Friday.

The freshmen health classes all visited the Carson City Juvenile Detention Center for a presentation on what the juvenile probation process entails and a tour of the detention center.

“It’s a great opportunity for the high school freshman to understand the juvenile criminal justice process and know that juvenile probation can act as a treatment process instead of punishment,” said Chief Deputy Probation Office Ali Banister.

The health classes go twice a year, once every semester. This year, the JPO office saw 12 classes of nearly 360 students over the two days. The kids all met in the courtroom where they got a chance to listen to a presentation from a juvenile officer, the Special Master for Carson City Kimberly O’Keize and Carson City Deputy Jessica Chrzanowski.

O’Keize and the JPOs explained to kids what happens during juvenile court as well as how the process works and what sorts of cases the center sees.

“Our goal is treatment,” Juvenile Probation Officer Linda Lawlor told the students. “We want to make sure it is a one time thing (coming to juvenile probation) so that you don’t end up entering the adult system.”

“People come here to get services and help,” added O’Keize.

The students got the chance to ask questions ranging from what the state’s curfew laws are to what happens if a juvenile is arrested on murder charges.

“The students always have a lot of questions and I think they like coming to these,” said Banister. “The teachers always want to come back every year and the students want to participate so I think the school gets positive feedback about the lesson.”