Carson Kressley could come to Carson City as part of road trip |

Carson Kressley could come to Carson City as part of road trip

Sandi Hoover

Carson could be coming to Carson.

Carson Kressley, a fashion expert from the television show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” is taking his style on a makeover road trip that will take him to towns across the nation, and is looking at Carson City, said casting producer Emily Sweet from her Los Angeles office Friday.

“We are currently looking for locals in your town who could use a dose of Carson’s great style and good sense,” she said.

According to Sweet, the show’s producers on the Oprah Winfrey Network are looking for heart-warming stories which they can mix with Kressley’s pizzazz.

“We’re looking for a wide range of stories of men or women or a home makeover. We could even help some group with a fundraising effort to bring it to a higher level,” she said.

The flier says they’re looking for someone with a compelling story: “Perhaps someone wants to look fabulous for a big event like a high school reunion or wedding. Maybe there’s something they’ve been avoiding or afraid to do and just need a boost to their confidence. They could be making a fresh start, like a new job or first date, and they need a new style to match. Everyone’s got something they want to change in their life, sometimes they just need a little push from the right person.”

So what are the chances the show could actually come to Carson City?

“There’s a very good possibility,” Sweet said.

“We need to get in contact with as many people as possible and get responses from them. The more people we can help, the better the chance your town will be selected. If the city really gets behind this, you have a better chance,” she said. “It’s a numbers game. The more people we talk to, the better.”

The visit would include the entire production crew and most likely would be kicked off with some sort of rally where Kressley could help a few random people in the crowd with quick fixes right on the spot, she said.

To be considered for a makeover, contact the show’s casting department. Casting deadline is Nov. 8.

Sweet said they are planning casting trips to visit potential towns in the next month, so they need to connect with prospective makeover candidates immediately.