Carson Lanes: Project to add new restaurants, activities |

Carson Lanes: Project to add new restaurants, activities

Kirk Caraway
Brad Horn

Carson Lanes is undergoing a remodeling project that promises to spruce up the southern entrance to Carson City.

Metcalf Builders has demolished the side of the building facing the highway, which reduces the bowling lanes from 44 to 28. In its place will be a mall-like promenade featuring several new dining venues.

When Gene Burger purchased the property in 2004, his intention was to build apartments.

“I got to thinking about it, and thought that wasn’t the best use for this site,” Burger said.

After considering and then discarding an idea to put in a casino, Burger decided to find a way to enhance the existing bowling business.

“The point is, here we have people come and bowl, and that’s all they do, come and bowl, maybe get a hamburger in the coffee shop, or a beer in the lounge,” Burger said. “You need to create a synergy to bring people in for different things, and that’s the point. By putting in these different food venues, we create something for a lot of people to do different things at the same time. We connect it all, and that’s the idea.”

Johnny Rockets, famous for classic hamburgers and a 1950s motif, is the main new restaurant being added. Two other franchises, Wally’s Pizza and Subs and Kernel’s Popcorn, will also be included. Plus Burger formed a partnership with Genoa Candy & Coffee Company to include them in the new facility as well.

Added to the bowling operations is a new billiards room with high-quality tables, and a new arcade. The pro shop will expand, and a new upstairs office area will be added.

On the outside will be a new facade, and there are plans for a new animated sign similar to the one at Bodines Casino.

All of these improvements are due to be finished by September, according to Burger.

A later, second phase of the project will connect the bowling center with the building now housing Aloha Discount Wine and Liquors. There will be a bridge over part of that space, with offices above, allowing vehicles to access the back parking lot. More retail space will also be added.

Burger said that when the freeway is finally connected to Highway 395, They will gain about two acres of land from the abandonment of part of Snyder Avenue, and there will be a new intersection at Appion Way going across the highway to the new Ribeiro development on the west side.

Burger resides in Gardnerville, and has other property interests in Carson and Reno, as well as in California, Montana, Colorado and Texas.