Carson man arrested in Oregon theft |

Carson man arrested in Oregon theft

Brian Sandford

A 36-year-old Carson City man was arrested on a felony count for allegedly stealing from a store in Oregon.

According to the man’s arrest report:

A deputy pulled Keenan Massey over about 5 p.m. Friday at Carson and Ninth streets for driving 46 mph in a 25 mph lane. He smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The deputy called for a drug-sniffing dog and asked Massey if he had anything illegal in the vehicle, and Massey replied, “No; search it with the dog.”

The dog alerted deputies to the presence of drugs, and Massey told them there had been “roaches” in the ashtray when he’d bought the vehicle, and that he’d removed them.

A deputy found a Samsung Tablet with a security device still on it in the vehicle’s center console. Massey said he’d bought it a month ago from a man who works at Unique Sounds in Carson City. The deputy called the store, and the owner said no one there would ever sell a demonstration-only device.

Among the pictures stored on the tablet featured Target employees taking photos of themselves. A deputy found a cigarette package containing a small amount of marijuana, as well as two Visa cards bearing another man’s name.

The deputy who called the store told Massey his story hadn’t checked out, and Massey began slamming his head against the cage in the patrol car he was in. He complied with an order to stop, then said he’d bought the tablet at a pawnshop in the area. He didn’t have a receipt from a pawnshop and said it was at home.

A deputy learned that the item had been stolen from a Target store in Salem, Ore. At the jail, Massey said he’d visited the Salem store and was approached outside it by someone who offered to sell him the tablet for $20, adding that he’d known it was stolen.

Massey was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of stolen property and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Total bail was set at $31,000. He also was cited for speeding.

Massey remained in the Carson City Jail on Monday evening.