Carson reclaimed waterline leak to be fixed Wednesday |

Carson reclaimed waterline leak to be fixed Wednesday

Sandi Hoover
Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Carson City crews expect to have a reclaimed waterline break in east Carson City repaired sometime Wednesday.

The break occurred about 1:30 p.m. Monday on Morgan Mill Road west of Deer Run Road, said Public Works Director Andy Burnham.

Burnham estimated that several gallons of reclaimed water made it into the nearby Carson River, so the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection was notified.

“The river is running pretty high, so it was pretty well diluted,” Burnham said.”And as long as they know we are using due care to repair it, we don’t expect any repercussions.”

The 27-inch line pumps treated effluent up to the Brunswick Reservoir where it is stored for use in irrigating the city’s golf courses and many of its parks.

Gaskets are being made out of state and will be ready for installation Wednesday, he said.

The break was at a “constrained joint” that had corroded, Burnham said. A similar problem occurred last year, and he said maintenance on the 30-year-old line is due.

Infrastructure maintenance issues are on the Thursday Board of Supervisors meeting agenda, coincidentally, he said.

“This was a good-sized leak, but not too overwhelming,” Burnham said.